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BSL support for Deaf students



Q: Do you provide support for all Educational courses?


A: Yes! We can provide a support service to meet each student’s support needs throughout their course.

We provide:



Q: Do you work with Colleges in the UK or a specific area?


A: We work with Colleges within the London and South East area.


Q: What boroughs and exact area does that cover?


A: All London boroughs, Kent, Sussex, Essex.



Q: What hours are you open?


A: Our office is open Monday – Friday.  Opening hours:: 9am – 5pm. We have a mobile phone contact number for out of office hours contact: 07786 965998.  Not every course is between 9-5.



Q: What about your recruitment and training practices, I want to know your staff will be good for me.


A:  We provide a comprehensive application form for applicants to complete, you are welcome to view this.  The measured score result of this application takes the applicant through to interview.  The interview consists of an hour discussion on their experience and goals plus a 30-minute receptive and production skills test conducted in BSL. All applicants will be referenced checked and DBS checked.  At induction staffs will go through the following training:


  • Safe Guarding Training

  • Health & Safety

  • Disability Awareness

  • Mental Health Awareness

  • Data Protection Act responsibilities

  • Risk Assessment Policy

  • Lone Worker Policy

  • Continuing Professional Development – monthly sessions

  • Customer experience and expectations

  • Code of Ethics and Conduct

  • Feedback Procedures

  • Individual Workplans

  • Complaints Procedure



Q: Do you provide the same CSW while I am studying?


A: Yes. We will provide regular support for you. We always look to provide the same support worker to aid continuity and help with subject specific vocabulary.  We also provide regular support to our workers to, to ensure their continuing professional development and motivation.



Q: Do you only work with Freelancers or are your staff employed by you?


A: All staff are employed by us. Being employed means that staff get all the benefits of being employed including sick pay, pension, holiday pay, free training. This also means that we are fully compliant with government legislation.



Q: Will I meet CSW’s or interpreters before I start College?

A: Yes! We prefer that you do. If you would like to meet the CSW, interpreter or notetaker before you start College or University, we can arrange this for you.



Q: How do I contact you, what if I have a problem?

A: You can email us at:

     Text, Glide or use the ooVoo App on: 07786 965998

     Skype: deafumbrella


Q:  How do I give feedback?


A:  We want your feedback!  We will email you feedback forms or you can send us a video through the App Glide or WhatsApp.  We will keep in contact with you through text or email; your choice.


Q: What support do I need?

A: We will make sure we match your support needs. We have:


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