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Dear Colleagues


We are occasionally asked to clarify our policy on travel reimbursement and expenses in general.  For clarity, please note the following:


  • Whenever possible, we prefer that staff use public transport and we will generally reimburse at these rates.  Within the London Zones, we ask for Oyster/Contactless statements in order to reimburse travel expenses.  Where these are not available (eg travelling outside of the Tfl designated Zones) kindly provide the office with proof of tickets purchased/travel costs. 

  • If you choose to drive to a booking where public transport is a reasonable option, we will still reimburse at public transport rates.  We take a “best guess” view from the Tfl/National Rail websites and fare options published thereon. 

  • Having looked at the travel options, if it is agreed with the office in advance that driving is the preferred option, we reimburse travel with these conditions:

    • Mileage is reimbursed at 42p per mile for a return journey by car and 24p per mile for a return journey by motorbike.

    • Mileage is calculated using the AA route planner, using the shortest possible route between your home and the address of the booking.  If then travelling to another booking, we will take a “round trip” approach to the travel reimbursement monies.  Again, at the shortest possible route between destinations. 

    • We ask that you avoid tolls wherever possible.  We will only pay tolls where they absolutely cannot be avoided. 

    • We will try to pre-arrange parking for you free of charge.  Again, we will only pay parking charges in extremis and not on a day to day basis, particularly where staff choose to drive rather than utilise public transport. 

    • We do not, under any circumstances, pay parking fines.  It is the responsibility of all staff to ensure that their vehicles are legally parked at all times. 

  • For local bookings, we are aware that it may actually be a cheaper option for staff to drive.  These occasions are rare but we do appreciate that they happen.  Again, please advise the office in advance of your intention to drive.

  • Expenses in general – Deaf Umbrella is not unreasonable and will reimburse pre-agreed taxi fares and other expenses which have been discussed in advance with office staff.  However, kindly note that Deaf Umbrella will not reimburse costs for your day to day administration eg paper for printing, printer ink, stamps etc…. 


If in doubt, please ask the office before committing to a business expense – this saves both time and possible embarrassment at a later date. 


With very many thanks for your kind attention and co-operation.


Best wishes

Travel Reimbursement Deaf Umbrella
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