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The Assistive Equipment you need to offer good support

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Hello to all the businesses, companies, schools and other employers out there! Are you aware that more than 11 million people in the UK are Deaf or Hard of Hearing?

Many of them are workers. Unfortunately, it is a sad fact that more than 82% of qualified disabled people are unemployed.

Many others are students who experience discrimination in their learning environment daily.

Others might be your potential customers or clients that, if you are clever enough, you will want to take care and give the same good service, won´t you?

Do you know how much the Disabled Pound is worth to the UK economy every year? In February 2017 the BBC said “This is known as the "purple pound" and is reckoned to be worth around £249bn to the economy.” Can you afford to ignore this market?

Many employers already know that by giving the opportunity and the right support, deaf workers are commited and more productive, deaf students can get the same results and a deaf customer will learn to rely on you, and become a regular and valued customer.

Buying into the Purple Pound makes sense now, doesn’t it?

Whether you are a school, a theatre, a bank or a concert hall, it is good to know that with physical assistive technology your company will be able to support deaf staff, students or clients and offer excellent accessibility that won´t be forgotten.



By making use of assistive technology, disabled people will be able to carryout their job responsibilities without impediments in an inclusive environment and your customers will recibe the right support.

Here at Deaf Umbrella we are working in partnership with Contacta, a company that creates, deliver and support innovative assistive technology solutions that enhance the quality of life.

Their hearing loops, infrared and radio frequency systems create accessible and inclusive environments for people with hearing loss (Read More).

There is a discount available on your first order with Contacta.

Access to Work AtW Deaf Umbrella Support Deaf Peoople

The Government grant scheme "Access to Work" (AtW) can pay for support and equipment in the workplace such as:

- Hearing aids

- Assistive Technology such as listening equipment, hearing loops, flashing-light fire alarms, amplified telephones and textphones...(Read More) Discount available on your first order with Contacta. *** GET YOUR CODE! ***

- Communication Support services to help the deaf or HoH person to communicate. See our Services page.

Ask for a workplace assessment. A specialist will visit you at work to assess what simple adjustments, equipment and support could be beneficial to your work environment therefore aiding your longevity in employment. (LINK).

This is fact, not fiction folks! With the proper equipment your company will be able to offer the best accessibility to your deaf employee, student or customer.

Go a step further - go beyond the competition - Be great. Be the best


Deaf Awareness Training for Companies by Deaf Umbrella

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