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Does it take a decade to change?

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

We've started a new decade. The 2020s...

Can you feel its strength? The power of change is in your hands, and January is the month that gives you that turning point where you can start planning and make things happen.

What's your goal for this year? It could be a small one, such as a new hair style... or it could be wonderfully big such as move abroad; let’s think what you could make happen on your own, with a partner or maybe you could change your career?!

Here at Deaf Umbrella we are committed to giving BSL users all the support they might need to make that step into employment search for that new job. So, if you are looking for work, then you're in the right place!

It doesn't matter if you are an unexperienced young student or an adult searching for new directions in your career.

We are here to help you along the road of success.

Our FREE Job Club for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people will support you with

  • Employment search

  • Creating or amending your CV

  • Workshops on Universal Job Match

  • Interview techniques

  • Setting up your Access to Work budget

and much more...

Through our website we have an online secure area where you'll find lots of BSL videos to support your journey. Lorraine, our brilliant and positive employment support advisor, is a member of the Deaf Community. She will support you in your first language (British Sign Language). Watch our BSL video HERE.

Our friendly staff and also our amazing volunteers will offer you 121 support. Start any create plans you have: get motivated into action and achieve your aims.

This is a much needed service for Deaf people and we are proud to say that we're a benchmark in the Job Clubs for Deaf/HoH people in the UK! We have been picked up globally in this article:

And the best part is that positive results finally come after hard work; in the last month two of our Job Club users achieved full time job offers. A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to them both!!

This year we have decided to reward the most dedicated job club user each month. Committed individuals making the most of the opportunities open to them will receive a prize chosen by our staff to match the month we are in.

We all love to be recognized for our efforts, don't we?

Book your 121 appointment now!

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