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Dear 2020

Dear 2020,

Now that you are coming to an end, we wanted to let you know that this year has been a nightmare.

The loss of lives, the loss of jobs, the tears and fear, the anxiety, depression and uncertainty are too much to take and we are fed up with it all!

We are fed up with lockdowns, quarantine and everything COVID-19 has “gifted” us.

You have given us cancellations, postponed events, you have made us self-isolate and tested our mental health to the limit. You have taken away hugs from our family and friends, holidays, weddings, parties and a whole host of other happy events. You have not allowed us to say “goodbye” to our loved ones when they leave us. You have spoil our whole year!

We are fed up and we just want things to get better.

If there is one thing we have learnt from these difficult times, it is that despite staying physically apart we have figured out how to keep united in so many other ways. We have learned how to work as a team.

Yes. We are fed up with face masks, PPE, social distancing, disinfection and protocols, but we have gained insight. We have put ourselves in the shoes of those who usually feel isolated, disconnected, stressed and we have demonstrated support and empathy.

We have shown our unconditional appreciation for the amazing work done by so many people; for key workers, delivery drivers, supermarket staff and of course our lovely NHS workers, for all those who have kept our lives on track through the rough times.

We have learnt the importance of supporting small businesses too.

We have learnt that physical distancing is after all only 6 feet away from people, and that we are still social connected.

We have worked really hard to give support and find support and we have learnt that there is much, much more to learn yet.

But 2020, do you know what? There will be a light at the end of the tunnel! We all know that you won't last forever and that we will come back even stronger and wiser. Oh, you can bet we will!

In the meantime, we will keep fresh in our minds the fact that we still need to work together and to keep our distance. This is the best way to stay united. It is hard and it hurts, but it is something that we need to do.

So we say goodbye to you, 2020. You have left a painful deep scar in our lives that we won't forget, but will help us to learn, grow and be better people for the experience.

2020 – you are the year that seems to have been directed by Quentin Tarentino, starring Jack Nicholson, narrated by Samuel L Jackson and haunted by Pennywise the Clown! .

Kind regards.


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