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Face covering - How to minimise any negative impact on deaf and hard of hearing people

With facemasks becoming compulsory from the 24th of July, the Deaf Community is facing an additional barrier which makes it even harder for them to communicate with the wider society.

It is important to understand that wearing masks which cover our lips makes it very difficult for the 1 in 6 people in the UK affected by hearing loss and who rely on BSL and/or lip-reading to communicate.

They feel stressed, isolated and like they are missing out on a lot of information.

All of this might have an impact on their mental and emotional wellbeing too.

Deaf Awareness is needed now more than ever.

With businesses coming back to "normal" we all need to collectively make ourselves Deaf aware and ensure d/Deaf people have equal access.

Give your staff the confidence and skills to communicate clearly with colleagues and customers who are deaf/hard of hearing.

Our Deaf Awareness Training could be delivered at your workplace as long as social distancing and safety procedures are observed.

Face to face training is possible in some circumstances, but learning on line is accessible to all our customers and clients.

The aim of the Deaf Awareness Training course is

  • to increase awareness of Deaf culture

  • to develop an understanding of deafness

  • to be aware of how to communicate with your deaf colleague(s)

At the end of the course you will understand:

and much more!

The Deaf community face many barriers in communication on a daily basis, why not make your organisation Deaf aware?

Contact our friendly team and book your session!

We are always more than happy to help!


Deaf Awareness Training for companies by Deaf Umbrella
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