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You couldn’t make (it) up!

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

The first period of lockdown was at least accompanied by some glorious weather and a hopeful feeling that this wretched virus would be beaten by Autumn and the winter and Festive Season would be unaffected by mask wearing, social distancing and a plethora of other very unwelcome restrictions.

Personally, and like many of my friends and colleagues, I have found this second period of restrictions harder to deal with…, everything seems more difficult when the mornings are dark, the evenings darker and it is raining cats and dogs doesn’t it?

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel! Infection rates are flattening, there are several vaccines on the horizon and even the most pessimistic of Boffins seem to think that we will achieve a reasonable level of normality at some point in 2021. That may seem light years away, but we have managed to cope since March, and I suspect that none of us imagined that the Pandemic and all its restrictions would last this long did we? We have coped and we will see it through …. Even at a social distance.

There have however been some personal plus points…..

  • I am saving a fortune! There is no browsing around the shops and the associated temptation to buy countless needless items (previously considered totally essential to my life) has therefore been removed.

  • The simple things in life have become so much more enjoyable – they are now the highlights of my day! I have always enjoyed walking my dog, but these daily outings have now become an essential escape from the four walls of home (which is currently my office too).

  • It takes so much less time to get ready in the morning … I didn’t realise just how long it took to get my face out of its jar and choose what outfit to wear for work each day! When the only person commenting on your sartorial elegance (or lack of it) has four legs and a wagging tail, it ceases to be important. Your dog is the one person who will love you no matter what you look like! I do miss my family, friends and work colleagues, but the dog and me are as close as two peas in a pod these days.

  • What is a hairdryer for? Not used one for months… I cannot even find my hair straighteners! My hair is in much better condition as a result and I have become very good at various “up” styles and even mastered the art of back combing!

  • With hairdressers, beauticians and nail bars once again closed, I have become very good at quite a few of the treatments that I previously paid for. I suspect that this will be an ongoing saving of both time and money.

  • Petrol – I do miss driving, but once again the benefits to both my bank account and the environment are huge! Using my car has become a real treat and therefore even more enjoyable when this is allowed.

  • The weekly shopping has become a real “event” and is once again the social highlight in the calendar in the absence of anything else to do!

  • I did query with my husband whether he was bothered by the new “free range” make up free, less coiffured and casually dressed version of his wife… apparently, he prefers it! Who knew? That seriously does underline the fact that women really dress up for other women and men, by and large, are not bothered by false nails, brow or lash treatments, what colour foundation or lipstick (not currently mask friendly in any event) you choose etc….

You really couldn’t make (it) up, could you?!


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