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COVID 19 – your Access to Work worries eased…

Life is confusing on any number of levels at the moment.

For our deaf clients, their BSL support is a key factor in understanding work updates and to assist with working from home. How many of us have learned to use Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp video calling and a wide variety of other platforms at breakneck speed? Even the technophobes amongst us (that would be me!) are becoming adept at the video call!

For clients whose ATW funding is coming to an end in the near future, ATW have recently announced that, if you have no change in circumstances, then you should apply online in the normal way.


AtW will then automatically add three months to your current award. So, if your award finishes at the end of April and you apply for renewal, your funding will be extended automatically to the end of July (ie 3 months additional funding).

Don’t forget the ATW video relay service if you prefer this option.

This will come as a huge relief to many of our deaf clients, whose funding will be secured until (hopefully) life returns to normal and a more comprehensive review of their funding needs can be undertaken as part of the normal renewal process.

One less thing to worry about in these challenging times…

Stay well everyone – our very best wishes to you all from the Deaf Umbrella Team.

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